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Having a fence is a crucial part of your building project. Its benefits are many, including keeping your kids and animals secure. It also raises your residential value as well as demarcating your property lines. For your fence repairs and building, we are the best hands in the sector. 

We have a wealth of experience and expertise to meet your every demand. We have sufficient staff to our credit that is highly trained and prepared to bring your ideas to reality. As a customer-driven company, we offer suggestions and improvements which we have gathered from years of experience in the field to our clients old and new. 

Fencing is a passion for us, and because we care for our clients, we ensure that our services come at affordable prices. Our pricing is also relatively low when comparing others offered in our competitive business line.

We are located in Ajax, Durham region of Canada, and we have been operational for the past ten years. So, when you give us the chance of handling your fences, you know that you are hiring a company with vast experience to make your fence what it should be. 

We are a 24-hour company, and so, you can call our customer service line at All hours of the day or night, and we will attend to you. We offer a free quote on projects with the aim of giving you a near accurate estimate of what it will demand financially for you to undertake a fence project; this way; you can get prepared. 

We are Ajax’s most trusted and reliable fence building and repair providers, and we only give our clients the best service money can afford.

Fence Repair Ajax, ON

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Ajax Fencing

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Fence Repair Ajax Inc is guided by principles and ideologies, which we have successfully upheld in our years of active service. These philosophies of ours have grown over the years to be a part of our standard and quality, and clients have testified to them. They are:

We give you top standard work at the best price: Fair pricing is a dying practice nowadays, and we know that. However, we make sure that we stick to this philosophy of pricing fairly for both ends. We make sure that we don’t include any hidden charges or inflate the price of materials. Clients only get to pay for our craftsmanship, and the market cost of materials with no hidden fees added.

Quality materials: We make use of the most innovative products available in the market to carry out your fencing projects. We use the right supplies from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about a mix-up in materials to be used. We don’t restrict our usage of the right building quantities that have been tested and trusted in the building market; the result of this is a fence appropriately built.

Trusted suppliers: Our president has 25 years of experience in building fences and general buildings, and so he ensures that we have the best suppliers. Besides quality work at a reasonable price, there are many other benefits you can get from hiring us for your fence projects.

What We Do?

If you are considering building a fence or planning to repair your old ones, you need to hire a professional. What better professional can be available to the region of Ajax than us at Fence Repair Ajax Inc. There are tons of basis to explain why you should hire our company to carry out the work of repair or new fence construction for you.
Fence Repair Ajax, ON

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Why Fence Repair Ajax Inc.

We are experienced in repairing and building fences; this is why our services are cost-effective because we know what to do without making mistakes.

We make use of the most innovative techniques to produce reliable work.

We will offer suggestions at every step, based on current market trends and help you get to know the latest in the market concerning fence repair and installation.

Our services are mistake-free with impeccable craftsmanship.

For those who have plans to resell their property, we provide a thorough job that will boost the appeal and enhance the market value of your property.

We offer a warranty on all our services. This means that if any problem comes up that is directly related to our craftsmanship and is within the warranty time we have set, we will take care of it with no additional cost to you.

We provide cost-effective repairs even though the fence building is labor-intensive.

We have an experienced, diligent, and skillful workforce that can take up any amount of work.

When we set a time for your work, we are diligent in keeping to it while offering our best quality.

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To get informed of what we do and get a free quote on your fencing projects. You can reach out to us using any of the information stated on the contact us page. We offer 24-hour services meaning that we are available all time. This availability includes our hotline and email address.

We have an excellent customer service staff that will listen and answer every question you have concerning fencing and our services. And because we are a customer-driven company, we protect your personal information from all third parties. Don t worry about sharing your personal information with us, they are always safe.

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