Fence Installation And Repair

Fence Installation

There are numerous options available to you to choose from when you want to build a fence. Although we can’t provide you with the list available, we can, however, provide you with several of the ones we offer.

  • Aluminum fence: Here is one of the primary and attractive fence options. One thing that makes it an attractive option is its maintenance-free feature; the only maintenance needed for this fencing type comes during the process of installation. However, it does not offer optimal security many homeowners will desire in their fence.
  • PVC fencing: This is the cheapest way to fence your property nowadays. Originally the PVC was used as a replacement for the wooden stakes and pickets, but now it has become a modern-day addition. This type of fence option comes in different colors and heights. One advantage of this type of fence is that it is resistant to fire and rain, and it can last for a long time.

Finally, we have electric fencing: The installation process of this type of fencing involves placing a wire in a trench which is dug along the boundary line the owner wishes to fence off. A wireless transmitter is set up nearby to activate the wire. The last item in the fence set up is a battery-powered collar whose function is to receive the signal from the wire. When an individual wants to cross the fence, they will be electrocuted.

If you want to install a new fence or fix your old one, we are the best hands in the market. We install a host of fence types and options. Here is a list of fences we work it and install for our clients.

Vinyl fence: The best characteristics of this fence option include durability, low maintenance, and easy to clean and tidy.

Wood fence: This one is a classic. It has a beautiful appearance which makes it look good, however, maintenance is expensive.

Wrought iron: They are expensive to install; but, they are reliable and durable. Maintenance is easy, as well, and the only thing is that, you have to repaint the bars every decade or so.

Chain link: It is a viable option. It provides 100% visibility. It is the best option when security is a significant concern.

Aluminum: They are the best option when maintenance cost is a significant concern. It is excellent for privacy concerns.

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